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By Ritchie

Bell Super 3R - GoPro Chin Mount for Full Face Mountain Bike (MTB) Helmet

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Primary color

A GoPro chin mount for Bell Super 3R full face mountain bike helmets.

Fits all helmet sizes.


Color Options:

- Black

- White

- Others may be available upon request


Included with Purchase:

- Chin Mount with PN: 4991 3M tape (same type of 3M tape that comes with standard GoPro mounts) and M5 nut

- Zip Tie QTY 2


Why have 3M double-sided tape AND zip ties?

The 3M tape eliminates movement/wobble at the interface of the mount and helmet. The zip ties act as a positive locking mechanism to ensure the mount stays adhered to the helmet even through the gnarest of gnar.



I am not responsible for any equipment damage that may result from the use of this product. Use at your own risk. 


Personal Note:

This mount works great for POV shots and follow-cam footage of fellow shredders. I sincerely hope that you enjoy the mount as much as I do.


- 3D printed with PETG filament


- Practice installing the mount onto the helmet without removing the adhesive backing. This will help ensure the mount is installed centered and leveled.

- Record videos in SuperView for best results.

- Be cognizant of how the helmet is being stored. DO NOT have anything pressing up against the mount during storage. Store indoors and away from direct sunlight.

- Ensure the zip ties are firmly securing the mount.